Closed loop aluminium recycling – why? The recycling system begins once parts are dismantled. As a member of A|U|F, you save resources, economize in the long term and qualify for tendering.
Who are the partners? More than 200 recycling companies, systems houses, metalworking companies and architectural and planning firms have registered to be A|U|F environmental partners and collect aluminum.
How good is recycled aluminum? A process developed by A|U|F is used to separate the different types of aluminum collected and shred them. The quality of the resulting secondary aluminum is identical to that of primary aluminum.
What are the benefits? New extrusion billets are produced in plants for semi-finished products. The process only requires 5% of the amount of energy required to make primary aluminum.
How does the market benefit? The extrusion billets are made into new profiles for windows, doors and façades. This way, the material remains in the EU. Without the closed loop recycling system, the EU market loses more than 500,000 tons of recyclable aluminum every year.

About A|U|F and its mission

A|U|F was founded in 1994 and reactivated in 2010 as a registered association under German law. Sponsored by metalworking companies, systems houses and other companies, A|U|F organizes a closed loop system for recycling aluminum used in windows, doors and façades.

How the A|U|F material recycling system works

The A|U|F closed loop recycling system has seven steps – from dismantling, collecting and sorting parts to producing and installing new profiles.


1. Dismantle

2. Collect

3. Sort and separate

4. Melt and cast

5. Produce new profiles

6. Process the profiles

7. Install the profiles


Thinking about joining A|U|F?

Here are six reasons why you should:

You comply with the recycling laws and resource efficiency program of Germany verifiably.

You save resources and energy.

Your company’s operations are sustainable and future-proof.

Every year, you receive a certificate with which you qualify for tendering.

You become part of a non-profit organization currently made up of 200 companies including renowned systems houses, recycling companies, metalworking companies and architectural and planning firms.

You strengthen the European economy because material remains in the EU.

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